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"It had been over 20 years since our house had last been painted, and the elements had done a number on our siding - we weren't sure it was salvageable! But Doug worked his magic swiftly and meticulously, and our house now looks brand new! We can't tell you the number of times friends and neighbors have commented on the amazing transformation of our home. We highly recommend Performance Painting, and are looking forward to working with Doug again in the future!" - Ben & Bobbi, Bend OR


"I have known Doug Fraker with Performance Painting since 2005. I have found him to be a man of high integrity both personally and professionally. His quality is first rate, and he has never left a job site without completely cleaning up, even if he will be first on site the next day. His pricing is always very competitive and he has always met or beat the schedule. I highly recommend Performance Painting." - John Schimmoller, President, Independent Development Corp.


"What do I want in a subcontractor? A company that performs their trade well, does what they say they will, are there when I schedule them, has a good work ethic and attitude, and does this for a reasonable price. Doug Fraker, Performance Painting, is one of these finds." - Rick Veen, Bend OR


"I have often said that if I met Doug earlier in my career, I would have saved money and headaches. I trust Doug implicitly. Quality and responsiveness has never been a problem. I truly hope that he never decides to leave Bend." - Brian T. Jones, General Contractor, Muddler Enterprises